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Our aim is to provide dental care in a way that respects the whole body and the well-being of our patients. Our practices are holistic, integrative and set a premium standard in Biological Dentistry.

We specialize in assessing the negative effects of incompatible dental materials in the body that may have a deleterious result on a given organ system, thus creating pathology.

Using the principles of General Dentistry, alongwith Homeopathic remedies, and  the energetic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian Theory we offer replacement  with bio-compatible materials measuring their effects locally and systemically.

Since 1975, Dr. R. Andrew Landerman has been a forerunner in the field of Holistic and Biological Dentistry (also known as Holistic Dentistry or Systemic Dentistry),teaching and  advocating that the body cannot be violated with incompatible dental materials and procedures, alongwith Mercury -free and Mercury-safe Dentistry.

He takes great pride in providing long-lasting mercury-free, contemporary, cosmetic, and non-toxic biological dentistry using safe protocols to minimize the patients’ exposure to mercury vapor and the side effects of dental materials on the health of the individual.


At the Biological Dental Center we offer classes and FREE community talks on Biological Dentistry and various aspects of Holistic Health Practices. Our goal is to share information and educate people about their choices and about wellness so that they may make informed and healthy choices about their oral health. If you would like to sign up for our classes or to receive our Newsletter please contact our office.

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An environment that has organic paint & woolen carpets!

At the Biological Dental Center we are dedicated to providing a warm and caring environment, where prevention and patient education are emphasized. Our office walls are painted with organic paint, woollen carpets (so no fire retardants) and natural linoleum. Our dedicated staff is well-trained and knowledgeable; with years of experience providing healthy dental treatment for people who have special concerns about ALL metals in their mouths. In addition we have practitioners providing supportive healing services in nutrition, lifestyle and de-tox and a good referral system for services needed elsewhere.

Teeth cleaning
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Two people per family


If you want to more, dial O2 contact number to reach us.

Due to Medical Reasons, Dr Landerman is no longer practicing Dentistry. However, the seeds that he has grown in Biological Dentistry are still growing.