About Dr. Landerman

R. Andrew Landerman DDS was born in Weed, California on April 28th 1942. Shortly thereafter his family moved to Sacramento, California, where he grew up and attended high school and junior college. He later moved to San Francisco and graduated from UCSF Dental School in 1967 with a Doctorate in Dental Surgery (DDS).

Dr. Landerman helped establish and Direct a neighborhood Health Center Dental Clinic in Alviso CA. where he worked with a Mexican community for eight years. He is fluent in Spanish. He is an avid organic gardener, growing much of his own food, and into a natural lifestyle. When he went into private practice he became a fore-runner in Biological or Holistic Dentistry, refusing to do mercury fillings since 1975. He incorporated a Traditional Chinese Medicine approach and concepts and Homeopathic and Naturopathic remedies.

He graduated from The San Francisco College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and studied Electro Acupuncture using homeopathic remedies, with Dr. Reinhold Voll MD and Joaquin Thompson DDS, both in Germany.

Dr. Andrew Landerman
founded the Biological Dental Center in Santa Rosa, presently in Sebastopol, California. He has been on the forefront of Biological Dentistry teaching and advocating mercury free dentistry and bio-compatible materials since 1975. Since he had a vastly diverse background in health disciplines ranging from General Dentistry to Acupuncture, Naturopathy and Homeopathy, he used a unique integrative approach in Biological Dentistry.

His specialty was assessing the energetic co-relation of the mouth and the effects and hazards of intrusive dental materials and procedures on the immune functions and the overall health of the individual.

Dr. Landerman headed an FDA approved research study on:

1.  Lymes Disease and its effects on the Oral Cavity.

2.  Co-relation of Cancer to teeth and related jaw structure.

3. Relationship of the jaw and related structures to chronic degenerative disease.

He offered a unique dental perspective with a whole body approach stressing the use of healthy and safe biocompatible dental materials. He took great pride in providing long-lasting mercury-free, contemporary, cosmetic, and non-toxic biological dentistry using safe protocols to minimize the patients’ exposure to mercury vapor and the side effects of dental materials on the health of the individual.

Other areas of focus were cavitations and the effects of metal fillings on the immune system.  Dr. Landerman did mercury free dentistry since 1975 and metal – free dentistry since 1990, specializing in matching compatibility of removable appliances, i.e. splints, partial and full dentures, crowns, bridges and various cements and filling materials and has been considered a pioneer in Biological Dentistry nationwide.

He is considered a pioneer in Biological Dentistry nationwide, researching, teaching and training other dentists internationally. Dr. Landerman is a strong advocate of continuing education. He both teaches at National Dental Conferences and trains others in Biological Dentistry.

His other interest
for the last twenty years has been organic farming. At present he can often be found tending to his blueberry farm.

Dr. Andy Landerman married his wife Mamta Landerman in 1975. She has been an Ayurvedic Practitioner and teacher since 1998. They are the proud parents of two sons, Solomon, an actor and Daniel an artist and writer.