Human Energetic System

The Chinese call it Chi; the Indians call it Prana,

In the West we call it vital energy; we must have it to survive. If it leaves an entity, death ensues. If we alter the flow of this vital energy, due to intrusive methods or materials you change the quality of the vital force and the body can no longer maintain its delicate balance of inter-related functions and well-being. The human body has an electrical, energetic system that co-ordinates, energizes and directs the vital involuntary and voluntary functions of our body.


The Chinese have defined this system in Acupuncture and their traditional medicine, as the Meridian System. All aspects of the body are directly influenced by this system and connect with it. There are major meridians and minor pathways that are interconnected. The Major meridians are named for the organs they connect with, such as, the Liver Meridian connects to the liver and the Stomach meridian connects to the stomach etc. The alteration of the energy flow in any of these meridians will affect the health of the tissue along that Meridian.


Each Tooth Connects with a Particular Organ Meridian.

A tooth corresponds to an organ via a meridian. e.g. the upper first molar corresponds to the stomach meridian. Teeth are crystalline in nature. Crystals store and amplify information and vibrations. Any interference with the tooth 9and this is often the case since childhood) can have an effect on the vibratory functions of the related organs. The stomach meridian crosses directly over the breast (nipple). The breast tissue is very fragile. It turns over very rapidly. So if the stomach tooth (Upper first molar) is altered energetically by any irreversible procedure or non-compatible dental materials, given time, the breast tissue will be altered resulting in serious pathology. There are many possibilities for these results and none of them healthy for the tissue. In virtually all breast cancer patients that my colleagues or I have seen, the upper first molar has been severely compromised. Less often, it may be the second molar. This is one of numerous examples of tissue breakdown resulting from the change of energetic flow in the teeth that affects the entire body and compromises the health of the individual.


It is to be noted that since early dental check ups, the teeth are the organ most treated, altered and intruded upon, in the human body.

As each tooth relates to an organ meridian, in time the vibratory flow of these meridians is altered and can result in depletions, compromises and hyper-stimulation, in turn affecting the functions along that organ meridian. The body has an inter-connected network and functions as a whole. When one part gets depleted or hyper-stimulated, it has a long term domino effect that can create a breakdown of the entire system resulting in serious pathology.


Metals and their effects on Teeth and the Entire Body.

Today we are able to measure the effects of any or all substances on any given body. We can see the energetic change that occurs when we place any given material inside a tooth. Over the years in practice what has become noteworthy is that any and all metals when placed in teeth, will affect the vital energy of that tooth/teeth and therefore of the entire organism. This is seldom immediately obvious, however in certain instances the effects can come to the fore.


We can see the difference between metals and other materials such as porcelains and certain plastics when placed in teeth.  Certain plastics and porcelains have little or no reaction when measured energetically, whereas ALL metals have a reaction on the body’s energetic system. This is measurable and quantifiable and if we look at the possibilities over a lifetime, many or all of the teeth may have been altered in one way or another, hence the organs will show direct effects or indirect effects depending on the severity of the procedures done and the time that has elapsed since the given procedure.

The other major factor determining the negative effects is the immune capacity and age of the individual. We are each unique and some stronger, some weaker so we respond to these insults to the body differently. Our focus is a holistic approach to the body, recognizing that dental work does not just affect the mouth, but can have a lasting effect on the immune system and health of the individual, and we are committed, at the end of the day to the optimal well-being of our patients.

Hence Biological Dentistry, as it takes into account, not just the individual tooth, treating it merely symptomatically, but realizing that treating any part of the body has a profound effect on the body as a whole organism, thus affecting the individual’s health, well-being and their immune functions.