Mercury Removal Process

At The Biological Dental Center we are committed to the utmost safety of our patients and take the following measures in the removal of mercury, to reduce mercury vapor exposure to both patient and operators during removal of amalgams. In addition, we recommend that our patients get dietary and de-tox therapy consultations with a qualified Health Practitioner, so they can get rid of any residue and rebuild their health.

  1. We isolate the quadrant to be treated with a well fitting rubber dam. If unable to use a rubber dam,                       immediately following the removal of the amalgam, the mouth is thoroughly rinsed, evacuated to                            remove vapor and chunks of amalgam.
  2. Use of New Long Shank carbide cutting burs and section amalgams attempting to remove in large            sections.
  3. Use of isolated distilled water system for use in hand pieces and when washing prep materials to avoid     bacterial contamination.
  4. Use copious amounts of water spray via air/water syringe directed on top of cutting bur.
  5. Consider appropriate ventilation systems and room air purifiers to reduce ambient mercury vapor.
  6. Consider appropriate nutritional and physical support peri-operatively (e.g. Homeopathy, Acupressure,     Ayurveda and Bodywork)
  7. Select appropriate bio-compatible restorative materials via specific testing systems (e.g. Serum     compatibility or skin galvanic response tests)

Protective Barriers

For virtually all operative procedures involving removing metals from the mouth, a rubber dam is used.  Two high-volume suctions are in place on the “tooth-side” of the barrier and low-volume suction is placed in the mouth, “air-way” side of the barrier. Mercury vapors that could pass through or around the rubber dam are thus vacuumed into our office filters and not inhaled by our patients.

NOTE: This office has practiced Mercury free dentistry since 1975 and Metal free dentistry since 1990.  Dr. Andy Landerman has been a fore-runner in this field.