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Our approach in Biological Dentistry is first and foremost to acknowledge that the Body functions as a single organism and any alteration of a part can impact the entire system. There are numerous studies that demonstrate the impact of intrusive dental practices on the health of the individual. The body is an energetic entity, designed to function optimally with all that it was given genetically, to fulfill its life function. Our goal is to understand this and to maintain that integrity wherever possible. When necessary, we intervene to restore equanimity. Only when this balance is restored can the normal bodily functions return.


Often with interventions from well-meaning healthcare practitioners, procedures are performed that may prove to be inappropriate, to name a few: tonsillectomies, certain orthodontic procedures, vaccinations and more specifically, mercury containing vaccines and mercury fillings. Each creates its own potential liability, but collectively they can create a completely compromised immune system.


Nature’s way is for an infant to be breastfed, which results in a sucking action and develops a jaw capable of accommodating all the teeth to come in properly. Coarse, healthy, organic wholesome food, further leads to proper chewing (mastication), digestion and the functional development of the bite, a good prominent jaw, and a healthy body.


Terrain is a simple concept that is inviolable.

What is meant by Terrain?

Terrain is the natural structure (geography) of the body. If this is altered, through intrusive methods, or materials, it can negatively affect the energetic system or meridian flow along the organs of the body altering their capacity to function.


Once we violate the terrain, through intrusive intervention, the energetic flow within the body breaks its rhythmic patterns, blocks get created and breakdown occurs, creating pathology in weak areas in the body and certain immune functions become compromised.


An Integrative Approach in Dentistry to locate and correct interfering blocks.

At the Biological Dental Center, based on the principles of General Dentistry, and an integrative approach we first establish where the blocks have occurred due to inappropriate dental materials, dead teeth or poorly healed extraction sites as well as poor bites or malocclusions. We then outline a course to correct these blocks in the energetic system. It is not unusual to integrate the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy in our approach while maintaining sound dental concepts. Recommendations can vary from replacement of mercury fillings to possible extraction of dead teeth as well as replacement of missing teeth with appropriate materials, and/or possible referrals for orthodontic consultation. We will also consider the influence of tonsils in the energetic schemata and what appropriate care may be necessary with recommendations for such care.


We respect your Philosophy.

In evaluating your individual circumstance, we will consider your philosophy and make respective recommendations. If you choose to maintain your mercury fillings because they seem to be serviceable, or if you are interested in root canals, then we will refer you to someone to fill these needs. However if you are seeking an evaluation, and treatment or a second opinion with consideration of energetic principles relating to inappropriate electrical blocks in the oral cavity caused by multiple metals in the mouth and its effects on your overall health then this may be the office for you, and we invite you to come see us.


Our Approach : Considering the effects of the Oral Cavity on the Whole Body.

Generally patients came to a dental office with concerns for aesthetics or pain caused by a toothache and got treated symptomatically, however over the last 30 years, times have changed. There is a growing awareness of the effects of the oral cavity on the overall health of the body. Gross fatigue, pain, mental depression or confusion and other non-specific complaints may be coming from their oral cavity. To investigate this possibility and/or rectify it, by replacement of bio-compatible materials, our office will be glad to be of service. We are a fully equipped office conscious of protecting the patient from noxious substances such as mercury. we offer an environmentally friendly office. Our Center has 100% wool carpets (hence without fire retardants), organic paint and cleanable surface floors (linoleum). During the removal of materials, we are committed to protect you the patient as much as humanly possible.

Although we do offer same-day appointments when available, we encourage making appointments as far in advance as possible. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding scheduling and payment arrangements.

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