Patients Share

Understanding the effect of Teeth on the Whole Body:

Dr. Landerman treated me over a three year period for cavitations and a capped tooth, along with assisting my healing regime. I have been involved with many great alternative healers in my life, and Dr. Landerman, in my estimate, understands health and the human body better than anyone I have ever known. His education level surpasses and is more varied than anyone else. He himself has had several very difficult health issues in his life which has given him a perspective in medicine from both sides of the isle. He is totally lacking in the usual arrogance of the medical profession, and is as genteel and delicate as any friend I have known. He treats all his patients with extreme kindness and respect, and has the alert, gentle and skilled hands of a true artist. Anyone who works with him with him will have their medical paradigm of possibilities radically shifted. Can you tell I like and respect him?

  Lee    Willits CA

My Thyroid function improved

Dr. Landerman observed that my thyroid did not function properly.  This problem was also was identified by another Doctor that advised me to take artificial thyroid hormones. Dr Landerman identified the reason for the thyroid malfunction, dead teeth and cavitations. The oral surgery was performed the dead teeth and the cavitations were removed. My thyroid function greatly improved. Hormone replacements were not needed.

Dr Landerman is superb dental surgeon. Although he has big hands it felt like a ballerina was walking inside my mouth when he performed the surgery.

MS Berkeley CA

You saved my two front teeth. I am back on my feet after years of health problems.

Thank you so much for your amazing help. You saved my two front teeth when I thought they were goners. The work you did aligning my jaw with the splint has assisted my mental function so much – I am more able to focus and hold the focus for a longer timenow, than before the work was done. Your caring, kindness and integrity made all the difference for me at a time when I felt all hope was lost. I am getting back on my feet after years of bad health problemsthanks in large part to your interventions.

A very different future than I would have had otherwise.

your revitalization gel trays are amazing. I could really feel the energy moving in my body and helping me get stronger and healthier, through the use of those homeopathic remedies applied dentally. And, of course the remedies also helped my teeth! your diagnosis and treatment of the root of a problem that had caused me ill-health for years literally turned me around. your surgical techniques were superb and your patience and kinness as we navigated my allergies to bridge materials were so much appreciated. I also had the confidence that you would do what it takes to make it right. Thanks for being there and for giving me a very different future than I would have had otherwise.
AS    Novato CA

A Dentist who cares

“I was surprised and then very pleased by the way Dr. Landerman blended dental work with bioenergy systems and Homeopathy.  I felt confident right away after I met him that that is where I wanted to be healed.  He is the kind of person who you want to spend lots of time in his office because he has lots of knowledge to share and he is a pleasant and enjoyable person.  Dr. Landerman carefully extracted a couple wisdom teeth and amalgam fillings and I felt better soon after.  He is much more than a dentist and really cares about the whole person, about what he does and how he does it. I am in the right hands and have no doubts about the treatments.  It feels right and my health is improving more and more.”

L.M.  Canada

Today I am strong and healthy thanks to him
“Although my father was a dentist in England, I had no idea of the impact that the teeth could have on overall health until just a few years ago.
I had already had all the mercury removed from my mouth when I met Dr Landerman but he was able to diagnose and replace a 4 part bridge that had been placed over my front teeth only a few months previously which, unknown to me, contained metal. This was crossing over my central meridian, shorting the 2 sides of my nervous system, causing extreme disorientation and mental fog.
With his electro dermal testing he discovered infected cavitations and root canals which were adversely affecting the organs on those acupuncture meridians. He also found that I had been infected with Lyme Disease and I was able to start taking action before the symptoms became serious.
Dr Landerman created a splint for me which allows my receding bite to move into an optimal position to restore energetic flow and strengthens my immune system in a very tangible way.
I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to receive treatment from Dr Landerman; he is a gentle, progressive and holistic Healer.
Today I am strong and healthy thanks to him.”
Lynn CA